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What's in a Name? Barre Fit vs. Barre Classic

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you love barre as much as we do…or at least are interested in what all the hype is about. Whichever side of the spectrum you find yourself, we are happy you’re here. Why? Because at Bella Barre, we truly believe in the power that lies in having a deep knowledge of all aspects of the fantastic workout that is barre. Like with most physical activities, the mental component of barre is a significant factor in how positively our bodies react to it. Something as simple as mentally visualizing the specific muscles you are strengthening during a particular exercise can make the activity that much more effective. Before that point, however, comes actually selecting a class, right? (Duh!) So it’s important to have a solid understanding of the multiple class formats offered at Bella Barre. One question that we receive often is “What’s the difference between Barre Fit and Barre Classic?”. Our hope is to help clarify that a bit for you here, so that you feel more comfortable and confident with your goals when you meet us at the barre.


The overall goal of this class is to have you leave the studio feeling leaner, as well as more toned/lifted. Built in a more structured format, the class is segmented to focus on one major muscle group and stretching it back out before moving on to the next. In other words, you can always expect to work on your arms/stretch, thighs/stretch, seat/stretch, and core/stretch. So the class is generally predictable but is certainly well-rounded. Despite following a standard framework, you’ll never take the same Barre Fit class twice. Another component somewhat unique to this class format is the work done with pelvic tilts to engage the pelvic floor (bladder control, anyone?). With more upbeat music, Barre Fit feels more like a dance party than an actual workout, and you’ll finish class feeling like a confident babe!


The overall goal of this class is to facilitate fluidity and neutral spine alignment. Infusing more components of pilates and ballet, Barre Classic should leave you feeling lengthened. With good vibes music to move you throughout the duration of the class, you’ll note there is more encouragement for a mind-body connection, making the class a calmer approach to your time at the barre. Barre Classic is not as structured or predictable as Barre Fit, making it an excellent choice if your goal is to focus more on that mind-body connection as mentioned. We often recommend Barre Classic as the starting point for beginners because we feel it helps lay the foundation of proper form and technique for barre workouts. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to include Barre Classic in your regimen even as you advance through our other class formats, including Barre Fit.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the difference between these two class formats. Regardless of your goals, we cannot wait to see you at the barre as you work on becoming the very best version of YOU!