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What's in a Name? Barre Fit vs. Barre Classic

At Bella Barre, we truly believe in the power that lies in having a deep knowledge of all aspects of the fantastic workout that is barre. Like with most physical activities, the mental component is a significant factor in how positively our bodies react to it. Something as simple as mentally visualizing the specific muscles you are strengthening during a particular exercise can make the activity that much more effective. Before that point, however, comes actually selecting a class, right? (Duh!) So it’s important to have a solid understanding of the multiple class formats offered at Bella Barre. One question that we receive often is “What’s the difference between Barre Fit and Barre Classic?”. Our hope is to help clarify that a bit for you here, so that you feel more comfortable and confident with your goals when you meet us at the barre. Read More