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We're so glad you'll be joining us!

It’s your first barre class (ever, or in a long while) and you’re feeling a bit intimidated. We totally understand. One thing you should know about Bella Barre, however, is that we are a community that wholeheartedly believes in acceptance, balance, and lots of self-love. So regardless of your shape, size, background, or level of experience at the barre, there is always room for you to join us!

As you gear up to join us for your first class, the first step is deciding which class type is the best for you. If you've checked out our schedule, you may have noticed a few different classes on our lineup. What's the difference between Barre Fit and Barre Classic? What is Barre Bounce?! Find out and learn about all of our class types, here. You should know that all of our classes are suitable for beginners!

Once you have decided which class is right for you, sign up online or download the MindBody App to book classes on the go! Classes can fill up fast, so don’t forget to book in advance! Need assistance? Shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Now let’s chat about preparing for your first barre class with us! Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking … “what do I wear?!” We answer that important question, plus other frequently asked questions, right here.

When you arrive at our studio, let the front desk staff know that it's your first class and they will get you set-up! We have secure space for your belongings and a changing room for your convenience. For your first class, try to arrive 15 minutes early just so we have a little extra time to get to know you a bit before class!

Be sure to inform your instructor (or barre-tender) of any injuries or ailments before class begins. We encourage you to ask questions and receive modifications from our very knowledgeable barre-tenders. Don’t stress over not knowing barre terminology, everything will be well explained and demonstrated by your barre-tender during the class. We promise you'll be picking it up in no time! 

You are now ready to take on your first barre class with us! Be prepared to sweat (or sparkle), shake and most importantly - have a lot of fun! Remember that we take pride in offering a welcoming, non-judgmental fitness environment, so participate within your own limits and always listen to your body.

See you at the barre, Babe!